Bill-working-on-roof-through-harsh-conditions-Billbatboy.ca_Bat & Rodent Inspections

Bat and rodent inspections will involve a full inspection of man-made structures. The inspections include a detailed examination of the entire building. Once the inspection has been conducted Bill Scully will meet with the clients and fully explain the problems, solutions and also provide a written report. We are happy to work on a consultant basis if the owners wish to complete the work themselves or the client may wish for Billbatboy Enterprises Inc. to seal all openings, exclude bats, remove guano, disinfect, and install bat houses.

A one year guarantee will be provided and references are available upon request. Fee for inspections is $250.00 per building.


Rotting-roofboards-and-joices-Billbatboy.ca_Preventative Inspections & Restoration

The price we all pay for living in paradise is the weather can sometimes be severe with high winds, driving rains, intense UV, snow storms, and heavy snow loads on our roofs. Living surrounded by nature can be beautiful but sometimes wildlife (i.e. red squirrels, porcupines, rodents, woodpeckers) are determined to chew large holes and damage our buildings.

If damaged areas are not identified and repaired you just increase the chances of spreading rot, molds, water damage, and infestations of more pests, Yearly inspections should be completed on your all buildings! Billbatboy Enterprises Inc. offers detailed inspections, recommendations and restoration at an affordable price. Fee for inspections is $250.00 per building.


Guano-removal-Billbatboy.ca_Bat Exclusions & Guano Removal

When a home owner has bats presently living in the building a quote will be given based on the time involved in the exclusion of the bats, clean-up and disposal of all guano. Guarantees will be given and if bats return because areas were missed and immediate service will be provided at no further charge. References are available upon request.