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Small $150.00
Large $200.00
Bat House Kits $ 75.00

Prices do not include taxes or shipping costs. Bat Houses come in Black, Green, Tan with Billbatboy Logo. We also offer Bat Houses with more natural appearance, resembling the bark of a tree. Customized orders are available to satisfy all of our clientʼs specific needs and quotes will be provided.


Billbatboy Guano Fertilizer

Bat guano is a natural fertilizer that is high in macro, micro and other trace elements. It is high in nitrogen, but also contains phosphorus, potassium and micro-nutrients etc. All guano is taken from insectivorous bat species because of the high chiton content (hard outer shell/skeleton from insects. The chiton is harmful to nematodes (i.e. slugs) which can severely damage plants. Guano is highly concentrated and can be mixed directly to soil, used as a side dressing or made into a broth which can be used as a base for hydroponic nutrients. All guano has been processed to ensure that any fungus spores causing the disease Histoplasmosis has been killed.

1lb bags of Billbatboy Guano Fertilizer $ 10.00 per bag